Detailed description of the digiCRYPT solution

Application description

digiCRYPT is an end-to-end VoIP encryption software solution for mobile phones. Application enables encrypted full duplex speech conversation as well as text messages and file exchange. It is also possible to create conference call with multiple users.

Using digiCRYPT does not require any hardware upgrades on the mobile phone - it is completely software solution!




For the data encryption, advanced encryption and decryption algorythms are used. 4096 bit RSA and 256 bit AES keys are used where the AES key is changed for every session, so highest data security is obtained!





For securing the voice and data information exchange 4G/LTE, 3G/UMTS, GPRS/EDGE or WiFi networks can be used (data connection). User name and password can be created on any public XMPP server or the user can create and use its own XMPP server. XMPP is only used to match device IP's addresses, all other communication is direct device-to-device communication, further communication is direct device-to-device (no server in-between!).




The application installation is very simple and does not require any technical knowledge. digiCRYPT can be installed on a Windows based personal computer or on a smart mobile phone, based on Windows Mobile platform. digiCRYPT supports secured mobile to mobile, PC to PC and mobile to PC (vice versa) conversations.




The digiCRYPT solution is certified by the Slovenian Government office for the protection of classified information. The certificate ID 0220-33/2010/10 from 30/05/2011.





digiCRYPT - technical details

Supported devices and operating systems

  • digiCRYPT GSM: Android OS



Compatible networks:


  • GSM, EDGE, 3G (UMTS), 3.5G (HSDPA), 4G (LTE), WLAN, CDMA


Bandwidth usage:


  • Standby mode: 1,3 kB per minute
  • Conversation mode: approx. 290 kB per minute


International calls:


  • Full support, as long as there is data connection (i.e. Internet surfing) avalible, also digiCRYPT will work!


Encryption algorythms:



  • 4096 bit RSA
  • 256 bit AES
  • Different key for each session


Licence price

  • Contact us for pricing details This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • This license is valid for one phone (locked to phone unique number, not IMEI) and cannot be used on more than one phone. The user creates the unlock key by himself, so no phone information is needed to send to us.
  • The price is for the software only (no phone included in the licence price).