Frequently Asked Questions

Is the conversation over GSM mobile phone safe?

Not indeed! It is pretty easy to intercept GSM and other digital communications nowadays. There has been a serious price drop in the equipment, needed for GSM signal intercepting and decoding. GSM encoding algorythms, which were almost unbreakable several years ago, are now pretty simple to decode, because CPU power is increasing and CPU costs go down every day.
There has also been some decription algorythms improves (»rainbow tables« etc.), which makes A5.1 GSM decoding pretty simple. In last few years there was developed several sucessfull »real time« decoding projects for GSM communication using relative cheap hardware (FPGA processors) and opensource software solutions.

This is only one side of the story – the other is, that GSM conversation is encoded only on the way between the GSM phone and the base station. The communication channel between base stations is unencrypted and thus allow network operator to supervise all (unencrypted) traffic from mobile phones.

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Who are potential GSM intercepting threats nowadays?

Coorporate espionage, terrorist activities, kidnaping, criminal activities ... On one hand all this seems so far away ... But on a second thought – is it really that far?
Think only of all possibilities, what someone, who would be able to monitor all your communications, can do and get? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps all!

What modifications are needed on my phone, if I want to use the digiCRYPT?

Absolutly no modification is needed on the phone itself! digiCRYPT is 100% software solution, which does not require and any hardware phone modifications, dongles etc. The only thing to do is installing the program as any other program on the phone.

Should I buy mobile phone from you or can I use my own phone?

We do not even sell phones :). digiCRYPT can be installed on any Android Mobile smartphone. Installation is very simple – you just run the setup file and everything else is done automaticlly (installation, key generating ...). After successful installation the phone generate the hash code which you have to send to us and we'll reply the license file. The license could be permanent or time limited.

What is the difference between digiCRYPT and other GSM encoding solutions avalible on the market?

  • digiCRYPT uses advanced encryption algorythms, based on RSA and AES algorythms, where keys change for each session!


  • No backdoors – encoding keys are generated on the user's side, so even we (as digCRYPT developer!) cannot decode communication in any way!


  • digiCRYPT offers encription of the voice, SMS messages and even secured file transfer


  • digiCRYPT is super simple – anyone, who can use the phone, can use digiCRYPT as well! No technical background is needed for using or installing the digiCRYPT.


  • digiCRYPT allows creating several user groups of people, who are allowed to communicate with each other


  • digiCRYPT uses VoIP traffic – there is no phone numbers etc.


  • digiCRYPT can be used with any SIM card (prepaid, ...) or even without SIM card


  • digiCRYPT works worldwide


  • digiCRYPT time limited licence includes free support and upgrades


  • digiCRYPT is complete software solution: no need for any hardware phone modification, dongle etc.


  • User can use public XMPP server or can even use its own XMPP server


For encrypted calls - do I need to have digiCRYPT application installed on both phones?

Yes. The End-to-end encryption is the only way for complete security (and this can not be ensured when only one side is encrypted). digiCRYPT is an end-to-end encryption system, so the software must be installed on both sides of the call (GSM or computer).

Do I need VoIP provider for using digiCRYPT?

No, digiCRYPT uses its own protocols for transferring the encrypted voice or data. There are only 2 requirements for sucessfull communication:
- We must have working Internet connection (if Internet browsing is possible, that's it!)
- We must have digiCRYPT installed on both sides of the conversation


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